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sistemi acustici naturali Suono Vivo


Berlin, Festspiele 2008: SUONO VIVO transforms the Tempelhof airport into a post-modern auditorium with a new Natural Acoustic System.

During the summer of 2008 the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra identified in SUONO VIVO the ideal partner, the right one to guarantee on the natural Acoustic front the success of an imposing challenge: transform, by the second half of September, 4.200 square metres of Hangar 2 at the Berlin Tempelhof airport into the headquarters of the final concert of the Festival in which they were the big protagonists, the Berliner Festspiele.

The delicate nature of the operation derived from the peculiar architecture of the location as well as from the program and type of concert, the Gruppen by Karlheinz Stockhausen which was written for 109 performers, witnessed three directors working simultaneously - Sir Simon Rattle, Daniel Harding and Michael Boder - each conducting his own team of musicians, arranged in a horseshoe shape in front of the audience. It is evident how the intelligibility of the sound here assumes an essential nature in the performance.

In close collaboration with the acoustical technician of the orchestra, Dr. Ing. Ralph Bauer-Dieffenbach and the Amplified Sound System great technician Mr. Paul van Baasbank, Suono Vivo created in record time a custom made Natural Acoustic System composed of wooden multi-layered panels alternating on the walls flame-retardant technical cloth, which interacted with each other at a time. This System completely transformed the venue, ensuring a clearer and more powerful emission of sound dramatically reducing the reverberations in the empty hall from beyond 8" to slightly over 2.5"

A lovely series of images bears witness to this event.

Other space separation elements were inserted behind the audience to serve as phonic modulators, in order to optimize clarity and the propagation of sound.

The plus of SUONO VIVO: an extra guarantee

A guarantee of the absolute quality of SUONO VIVO products is the deep know-how that the company owns in its tenth year of activity in this field and in the various, possible multi form sceneries that can be dealt with. Technical skill, which complements logistic skill, allows the company to identify the best solutions to guarantee the customer constant quality in terms of total specific know-how, a very high level of product flexibility and a competitive offer.

A confirmation of this success are the two areas of synergetic intervention: specialized design and supply through rental or sale of the tools necessary for set up, always acting to achieve the goal and success of a true beautiful sound.

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