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The universal and itinerant Acoustic Shell for Orchestras project is the fruit of the intuition of Maria Luisa Vaccari who founded in spring of 1998 the the company Suono Vivo Srl: a workshop in the Padua area, site of the scene/technical laboratory, where the Suono Vivo Acoustic Shell is designed and built.

The Suono Vivo Acoustic Shell is a space-structure suitable for hosting any type of orchestra body and appropriately reflect the sound toward the audience. Made of modular wood panels, it possesses enormous versatility and flexibility, adapting to any stage. Its complete autonomy with respect to the context and the environment in which it is used, makes it usable also in environments which are not traditionally destined for music such as squares, buildings or villas, churches, open fields, fairgrounds ...

The musicians and the audience are immediately aware of the correct propagation of the sound emission. The founding principle of Suono Vivo is to help musical agencies and Theatres to fully understand the fundamental importance of carefully managed, correct and optimised Acoustics.
Suono Vivo Srl, first and only natural acoustic service in Italy, is concerned with consultancy, design, construction, hire and sale of Acoustic Shell for Orchestras.

The result is simply exhilarating! Finally, a concrete and effective solution for the problem of Acoustics, directly on the stage with extremely reduced implementation time; an assembly service with carefully managed, continuous and itinerant technical support for a universal product; guaranteed supervision by highly qualified acoustics technicians, all at an extremely low cost.

Since its inception, Suono Vivo Srl has performed multiple assemblies in various Theatres and/or stages in Italy and abroad, to name only a few, sites in: Treviso, Turin, Florence, Naples, Teramo, Bergamo, Belluno, Brescia, Ravenna, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Lodi, Lugano (CH), Udine, Pordenone, Portogruaro, Messina, Verona, Genoa, Rome, Padua, Asolo, Legnago, Cortona, Cividale del Friuli, Torre del Lago Puccini, Teramo, Lodi, Forlì, Fabriano, Palermo, Pavia, Cremona, Trieste, Mantova, Varese, Catanzaro, Bari, Graz, Berlino, London, Paris, Lisbon, Montecarlo, Vienna, Pola, Milan, Oslo, Aix en Provence ……

Many musicians have been able to "test" and try out the efficient acoustics of both the smaller and larger Suono Vivo Acoustic Shell for Orchestras. The consensus is unanimous: an indispensable Instrument for magnifying and "revitalising" classical music anywhere. As proof, these are the first impressions from the voice of the Berliner Philharmoniker: "a clearly comfortable performance, thanks to the ready and efficient communication between the musicians themselves and toward the audience, brilliant and immediate; a full sound response, rapid and crisp for each single instrument and orchestra section, a sharp and changing homogeneity, clear and defined on the whole."

Most of the Italian opera houses have acoustically "dry" halls, more suited for the propagation of the voice and less for symphony or chamber music.
Suono Vivo has re-qualified the sound and perceptive environment: the sound has re-acquired volume and expressiveness with brilliant results!

Because the Suono Vivo Acoustic Shell is natural acoustics.

Statement By Maestro Valery Gergiev
Last night July 30th 2013, on the outdoor stage of the Amphitheatre Križanke, as part of the prestigious Ljubljana Festival, the newest Suono Vivo resonant platforms have been ...
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